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I highly recommend The Milestone as a place to host an event.  My husband and I held our wedding at the milestone in September of 2017.  Pamela truly made it an easy and carefree experience when planning our event, menu, and decorations for the big day.  We were married by the owner Mollie Faulkner at an outside venue and came back to the reception indoors at The Milestone. 


My wedding and reception was beautiful as the staff worked hard to make it a day to remember.  I was very open to having the staff handle the decorations in their own creativity and they did an amazing job; everything was presented beautifully.  Our food was exceptional, especially my favorite addition of our s’mores bar, yummy! The timeline I planned always stayed on track and the night went very smoothly.  I never had a worry the whole night and as a bride that definitely put my mind at ease.  I was able to enjoy the entire night along with my guests, who gave many compliments of how much they enjoyed themselves as well. The Milestone staff truly went above and beyond to make our experience amazing!  It was more than I could have ever asked for!

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My parents and sister planned a baby shower for me at The Milestone.  It was a fun day and I felt so special! My little girl is definitely one spoiled, loved girl! The setup and decorations were beautiful.  It was a smaller event and we only used a quarter of the ball room but still had plenty of space, never felt crammed.  The food was more as a luncheon with finger foods and appetizers.


Everything was so delicious; my husband went crazy over the tuna.  I especially loved the fruit bowl set up as a baby in a watermelon bassinet; absolutely adorable! As always everything ran smoothly and everyone truly enjoyed themselves. Thank you Milestone owners and staff for making my experiences amazing!